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Access Numbers
: All phone card providers give their customers a list of local phone numbers that they must call first in order for the destination call is made. Once the access number is dialed you will hear options for language selection (if applicable) of your choice. If you purchased a phone card that requires a PIN than you will also have a chance to enter that as well.

AutoRecharge Phone Cards: This is one of the greatest perks of buying a phone card on the Internet. Never again will you have to worry about running out of minutes on an important call. If your phone card provider offers the option for AutoRecharge you can set up your account to automatically bill your credit card a set amount for the recharge. The AutoRecharge option is free.

Carrier Service Fee: Some companies add on this surcharge as a way to cover a part of the cost of the call.

Connection Fee: A fee charge by the owner of the land line which is passed through the carrier to the end user. Depending on the phone card company, connection fees usually range between .20 cents to .99 cents, and there are phone cards that charge no connection fees at all.

Disconnect Fee: Certain phone cards will deduct credit from your phone card after you end your call. We usually see this type of surcharge added to phone cards with exceptionally low advertised call per minute rates. So be on the look out for this fee.

Expiration: All phone cards have an expiration date that can last up to a year if not used. Check your phone cards details for information.

Local Access Numbers: Phone card providers will supply you with a list of access numbers you must call first in order to be connected to your destination call number. Using local access numbers will extend your phone card minutes while using a toll free number provided by your phone card company will up your call per minute rate usually by a few cents.

Maintenance Fee: This fee is typically deducted at a weekly basis and at different rates dependent on the advertisement of the phone card. The most common schedule of charge is at a weekly basis to a biweekly basis. These fees can range from .40 cents to .99 cents.

Minute Rounding: This term is best easily explained by example. If you purchase phone card with a 3 minute rounding rate and you make a call that last 1 minute you will still be charged for 3 minutes. If a phone card is advertised with a 1 minute rounding rate and you make a call that last 10 seconds you will still be charged a minute. Minute rounding rates typically range from 1 minute up to 4 minutes.

Payphone Fee: Phone cards used on a pay phone will have a surcharge ranging from .30 cents to .90 cents depending on the phone card being used.

Rechargeable PIN: With this feature you will never have to keep buying a certain phone card and remembering a bunch of different PIN numbers. With rechargeable PIN you just purchase more credits for your current phone card before it runs out of credits and it will be refilled.

Speed Dial: Certain phone cards have speed dial function where you can enter a set amount of your favorite numbers to call and give each a shortcut number to make faster calls. If this is an important function for you to have please check your phone card of choice for more information.