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Nobelcom has been in the business of phone cards since 1998 and is a leader in the global telecommunications industry.

NobelCom provides online customers with a secure way to purchase affordable, easy-to-use prepaid phone cards. Through innovative business strategies and advanced technologies, NobelTel, Ltd has developed its own facilities-based carrier division. A key advantage of our TDM/VoIP network is that it allows us to offer low rates and excellent connection quality worldwide.

Prepaid phone cards are an excellent solution for affordable long-distance calling without changing an existing phone provider. In addition, NobelCom products are rechargeable online. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at NobelCom. We are one of the few phone cards websites to offer live customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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We've picked Nobelcom to be the
#1 phone card for numerous reasons and it is because of their host of features as well as their rock solid reputation in the phone card industry. They offer all of the qualities that a calling card should have such as PINless dialing options, speed dialing, conference calls and much more.

This is the only company that has the most language options which can service a wider range of customers in many countries. And with worldwide phone access you can rest assure that you will be able to connect with people from major countries without any worries or hassles.

Nothing could be worse then when you are on phone call with loved ones, friends and business associates and your voices are barely audible. If it's call clarity you want, Nobelcom is the right choice for you.

What sets Nobelcom apart from the rest of the competitors is that they have their own facilities based carrier division called Nobeltel. With their own facilities they are able to have more control with their day to day operations.

Also with a toll free 24/7 customer service including live chat, Nobelcom will make sure you won't have any questions left unanswered.

Nobelcom's offers the fairest call per minute rates. What we like about Nobelcom is that their phone card prices are calulated without any absurd fees added on such as surcharges and disconnect fees. Often enough competitors would offer a low minute per call rate only to have fees which pump up the advertised price by 300%.