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Long Distance Post is dedicated to providing a selection of low-cost prepaid calling cards, the best residential and commercial long distance phone services/programs, Toll Free 800 numbers, Internet access plans, T1 voice and data services, post-paid phone cards, services for existing and new mobile phone users and other discount telecommunications services.

LDPOST has served all 50 states since 1994. As a long distance company, LDPOST has signed exclusive contracts with a number of carriers and service providers. Long Distance Post brings customers to service providers. In exchange, we get the most favorable LD rates. We pass these rates to you, our customer.



We've picked LD Post to be the
#8 phone card company mainly for it's offerings in the telecommunications industry besides the phone cards. So their main products are not phone cards but their focus is still strong in this part of the industry.

LD Post's selection of phone cards are carried from reputable phone card providers with excellent reputations. So you can be rest assured that your phone calls will be carried through excellent lines.

There phone card rates are not the best in this competetive market but often enough they have some excellent rates that you should not discount and it wouldn't hurt to check out their other services.