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Free Call Planet is the one and only phone card company we recommend that offers monthly flat rate fees. So if you make a lot of calls overseas especially cell phones than this is probably the best way for you to go since they charge a flat rate for calling a land line and a cell phone. Typically phone cards charge more than the advertised rate of the land line rate to make a call to a cell phone.

Free Call Planet was recently ranked
#9, mostly because of their shortage of other features. So they've fought long and hard for this #4 spot. They've earned this spot because their services and quality have greatly improved over the time we've been reviewing prepaid phone card companies on the Internet.

What's even better is that you don't have to sign up for a monthly contract. They even give you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. The catch is you can't exceed 50 minutes and you have to be a new customer. Which is still not bad because 50 minutes is plenty enough time to test out the call quality.

I also like the fact that anyone in my family can use my account. All I have to do is assign their phone numbers into my account and in an instant they can use my minutes. Really handy and useful option for family who want to keep in touch with loved ones overseas.

Another great feature is that for most plans the call per minute rate applies to calling land lines and mobile lines. If you don't know this already many phone card's have different rates for calling a mobile number and often cost much higher. With Free Call Planet it's one easy simple flat rate.

I've used Free Call Planet personally before and I still do. They do have a certain call service problem but it usually doesn't last too long. So if you make many unimportant leisure calls then maybe this won't affect you too much.

The rates they offer are very good especially since their monthly rates are flat, which means that you never have to calculate fees and surcharges.
And since the rates are flat you never have to worry about the costly minutes of calling an international mobile number.