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, Corp. is a leading Internet communication company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The business was established in 1996 with the goal of developing secure and efficient business models that would allow customers to get the best communication services available on the internet without spending significant amount of time searching for alternative products and to make purchases instantly and securely. Since its inception, the company has built several online malls and stores and developed several innovative online products. incorporates the most efficient and advanced technologies that the company has developed over the years.’s strategy is to offer the customers a high quality of services. ComFi is searching for the best possible long distance rates and offers in order to offer them to You, this is one of the main advantages of this company. The company has partnered with the premium telecommunication carriers and it chooses manufacturers based on the quality of their services, prices and customers’ feedback. Therefore, ComFi is very flexible and always strives to offer the best products available.


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#6 ranked phone card company is another great company with a long history in the telecommunications industry. Years of excellent service and priced just right phone cards has garnered them a legion of loyal customers.

ComFi joins Cloncom with the most additional services provided such as PC to Phone, SMS calling and prepaid wireless cards. With its multitude of services ComFi is a real contender to move up the ranks.

ComFi provides quality phone cards that will connect you all over the world. There strong customer service commitment is a prime example for the rest of the competitors.

ComFi's phone card prices are rather fair and certain phone cards have better than average prices. Though they are definitely worth checking out.