Phone Cards Reviews is a free service to the public. Below you will find the Top 10 BEST Phone Card Companies available on the Internet. Our researchers and volunteers have done extensive research on each company and have developed a ratings system that reveals and ranks the best overall companies.

 is a leading telecommunications' company. This means that we do not just resell products, instead we develop our own telephone cards. Since they are no mediators, we can offer you top quality and the best price.

Our company incorporates the most efficient and advanced technologies regarding long distance calls and mobile phones, which allow us to offer low rates and excellent connection quality worldwide.

We provide a wide range of products such as Prepaid Calling Cards, Pinless and Rechargeable Cards, PC to Phone Service and Prepaid Wireless Cards.




Cloncom our
#5 ranked company offers a host of other services besides phone cards. This was formerly our #1 ranked phone cards company but just because they slipped in their ranking does not mean they have weakend their services. They not only have a strong presence in phone cards, they also provide unique service such as PC to Phone and Prepaid Wireless cards that work with most major brands of cell phones.

Their core product the phone cards is strong as well in the industry as they create their own labels which means more savings for their customers.

With a strong standing in the phone card business Cloncom has stood side by side in providing strong international phone service to their subscribers.

Price offers great low call per minute rates along with their fellow competition. But just a tip though, if you see a card with really low call per minute rates make sure you check the phone card's fees.